Photo by:  Kim Lyn Photography .

When it all started...

Even as a child, Annabelle was drawn to words. Writing is a skill that has always come naturally to her, yet also one that she has worked hard to develop. She has always loved to write and cannot imagine a life in which she does not express herself through the written word.   

She has honed her writing skills through various professional and academic experiences. Currently, Annabelle works as a digital content strategist and copywriter at New Harbor Group, a communications firm in Providence, RI. In this position, she drafts written content across the firm's client base - from newsletters to press releases and advisories to social media content. She has extensive experience with Hootsuite and Constant Contact. Within this position, she manages multiple social media accounts for both clients and the firm. The collaborative work environment at New Harbor has fostered her creativity and helped her to become a stronger writer, editor, and content creator. 

Annabelle received a Bachelor's in Writing & Rhetoric from William Smith College, where she gained extensive academic writing and editing experience through coursework and employment at the Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL). She spent over two years at CTL as a writing fellow, conducting one-on-one sessions with students to review their writing. This position gave her considerable experience working with ESL/ELL students and further developed her editing and revision skills.

Annabelle also holds a Master's of Arts in Communication Studies from the University of Rhode Island, where she also worked as both a graduate instructor and the Associate Director of the URI Speaking Center. She taught multiple sections of an introductory college communication course; through this position she was tasked with developing lesson plans, grading, and general classroom authority. At the university's Speaking Center, she oversaw a group of peer tutors who met with students to develop public speaking skills and receive feedback on presentations. Through these positions and her graduate work, she further developed her skills as a writer and thinker.

As evidenced in her portfolio, Annabelle is a thorough researcher and diligent editor; she is consistent in meeting deadlines, while always putting the time and effort necessary into every piece that she develops.