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Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank Twitter

The Bank has invested $2.85 million to address water contamination in the #Burrillville villages of Harrisville and Oakland. Read more about this important project in our newsletter:

The Municipal Resilience Program aims to equip municipalities w/ the tools and funds to address climate change in #RhodeIsland. The Bank is seeking three municipalities to be part of the initial pilot program. Applications are due 3/29.

Progress at the Providence Public Library via today’s @projo. As part of the overall renovation, @provlib is making $1.6 million in energy efficiency upgrades through @RI_CPACE. #Transformation #Savings #RIJobs

As part of our annual Legislative Day, the Infrastructure Bank celebrated our 30th anniversary at the Rhode Island State House this month. Read more in our latest newsletter:

Tweets developed as part of the Bank’s 30th anniversary celebration:

The Bank is customer-centric, making it easier for municipalities, businesses and homeowners to navigate and access our programs. And it shows: 2018 was a record year with $81 million in loans, 25% of which is from new business. @JeffDiehl2 #30YearsofRIIB

#DidYouKnow - the Infrastructure Bank has financed a total of $17.9 million to help residential property-owners in the state replace old and failing septic systems. #30YearsofRIIB

For 30 years, the Infrastructure Bank has served as the central hub of local infrastructure financing in #RhodeIsland. Our innovative programs are supporting the economy, creating local jobs and protecting Rhode Island's environment. #30YearsofRIIB

The sun is shining and we are exciting to break ground at Four Seasons Mobile Home Association. The $350K principal forgiveness loan will rebuild their water system covering the install of an entirely new distribution system, pump house & back-up generator @RIHEALTH

 The Infrastructure Bank’s diverse financing programs help protect Rhode Island communities. The Bank has financed $488.8 million in drinking water loans in its 30-year history. #30YearsofRIIB

Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank Facebook

The Municipal Resilience Program aims to equip municipalities w/ the tools + funds to address climate change in Rhode Island. The Bank is seeking three municipalities to be part of the initial pilot program. Learn more in our e-news:  

"We're really focused on four main sectors [of local infrastructure development]: water (clean water, drinking water), roads & bridges, energy and brownfields. In the last 30 years, we've invested $2 billion in the state in infrastructure, created or supported over 57,000 jobs and saved cities and towns hundreds of millions of dollars in interest." - Infrastructure Bank CEO Jeffrey Diehl on WPRO:

The Bank invested $2.85 million to address water contamination in the #Burrillville villages of Harrisville and Oakland recently. Read more about this important project in our latest e-news:

Are you a commercial building owner looking to save on energy costs? Join us tomorrow afternoon in Pawtucket at for an information session on utilizing the @RI_CPACE Program for no-money-down, 100% project financing for energy efficiency upgrades:

Changing weather and severe weather events are threats to all cities and towns. The Infrastructure Bank has partnered with @natureorg to launch the Municipal Resilience Program (MRP) to help communities combat climate change. RIIB is seeking applications from municipalities for participation in the program, which aims to support municipalities in increasing their climate resilience by providing technical assistance and the ability to apply for implementation funds. Submissions are due March 29. The RFR may be access via the RIIB site:

RIIB's innovative programs have been supporting the economy, helping to create local jobs and protecting Rhode Island's environment for 30 years. Join us on March 5 at the State House to celebrate 30 years of investment in Rhode Island communities.

Helping Hands utilized the Infrastructure Bank's RI C-PACE Program recently to install a new HVAC system, windows, insulation and wiring. Learn how you can take advantage of C-PACE financing to improve your company's building:

Quonset Development Corporation Twitter

Learn more about QDC Director of Development Services Ted Spinard in @NEREJ. Quonset "has leveraged $700M of direct public infrastructure development to the nearly $2 billion in private investment - in large part due to Ted’s leadership and hard work."

Quonset company Commodity Haulers Express spotted in @ProvBusNews this week:

 #Flashback to this @nytimes feature on Quonset published two years ago today:

QDC extends congratulations to the @EdesiaNutrition team on being honored for Excellence at a Mid-Size Manufacturer at the @ProvBusNews Manufacturing Awards this evening.

 Quonset's Port of Davisville is one of the top auto ports and frozen seafood ports along the East Coast. The Port had a record-breaking 225 ship calls in 2018.

On #InternationalWomensDay we recognize Drusalina Romano. In the early 1900’s, Drusalina was a driving force behind the thriving 370-acre Romano Farm & Vineyard at Davisville. Today, Davisville’s Romano Vineyard Way is named after the family’s business.

QDC board member and accomplished RI attorney Susan Leach DeBlasio was featured in this month's edition of the Rhode Island Bar Journal. @ribarassoc

#DidYouKnow - Quonset's Port of Davisville contributed over 1,500 jobs to #RhodeIsland in 2018.

Quonset contributed $113.1 million in annual state and local tax revenue in 2018. #2018InReview

Learn about Seaview Railroad and how the rail company is an integral part of Quonset Business Park:

Quonset Development Corporation Facebook

QDC Director of Development Services Ted Spinard was recently named the 2019 Engineer of the Year. "Ted’s experience and skills as a civil engineer is one of the things that helps make Quonset Business Park a great place for companies to grow and employees to thrive," writes QDC Managing Director Steven King in New England Real Estate Journal:

Have you seen the latest edition of our e-newsletter #QuonsetPoints yet? Make sure to scroll to the bottom and subscribe to our email list to stay up to date on what's going on at Quonset:

Quonset Development Corporation is hiring a Senior Accountant. Visit the Quonset Jobs website to apply:

 Take a look at this spotlight in The Providence Journal detailing the amazing work Edesia Nutrition does every day at Quonset. Edesia is a non-profit that produces ready-to-use foods w/ the mission of treating and preventing malnutrition in the world's most vulnerable populations.

Quonset Business Park is "a thriving industrial center that employs more than 11,640 people and accounts for 14 percent of all manufacturing jobs in Rhode Island. Of the park’s 1,350 developable acres, only about 200 remain vacant, but Quonset continues to add new jobs as Electric Boat expands its operations and new tenants like Infinity Meat Solutions move in; the meat-processing company will add another 700 jobs in Quonset when it opens in 2020, for example."

Read more in this in-depth feature in Rhode Island Monthly:

Quonset Business Park offers a site-readiness program that provides pre-permitted parcels and a streamlined development process for companies looking to call the Business Park home.

Learn more on our website:

#ICYMI - Quonset Business Park was recently awarded a grant to help fund a freight-rail enhancement and expansion project. Learn more:

The Park's Port of Davisville is strategically located near the mouth of Narragansett Bay with 4 berths and 5 terminals and over 56 acres of laydown and terminal storage.


New Harbor Group Twitter

Our clients have received some awesome coverage lately. Visit our website to read up! #GreatClients #NiceInk

We're proud of the hardworking New Harbor Group team, over two-thirds of which are women. Stay tuned today on #InternationalWomensDay to learn about the dynamic women who tell our client's stories every day.

When not hard at work telling client stories, @sekennedy9 loves being active and creative - you can find her running, doing yoga, chefing up a new recipe, trying a new wine or reading! #WomenofNewHarbor

 Our fearless intern Abbey is a @universityofri senior studying communication + public relations. After graduating this May, she is looking forward to jumping into the workforce and can’t wait to see what the future has in store! #WomenOfNewHarbor

 Lawren says: “Working at New Harbor gives me the ability to be creative and a strategic thinker. I feel empowered by David and our amazing team, and I am proud to work here!” #WomenAtNewHarbor

 New Harbor Group Instagram

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3 things to keep in mind when dealing with a client crisis

As a public relations professional, you're tasked with elevating your clients' profiles in a positive and meaningful way. Sometimes the story you are trying to tell can get lost, especially when faced with a client crisis. 

1.    Be prepared.

You can't deal with a crisis properly without ample preparation. First, make sure you're consistently and effectively telling the right story about your client to those who need to hear it. Keep track of the great coverage you get for them, so you can develop the right messaging to handle a potential crisis.

Next, establish a crisis management task force and get contact information for each person. This may sound simple but being able to get in touch with the people who need to be informed in times of a crisis is essential to getting in control of the situation. 

Lastly, you shouldn't be scrambling to cover your tracks when a scandal hits. Anticipate potential scenarios and develop a plan with your team for how to handle them. 

2.    Be credible. 

This next tip ties back to number one. Honesty is the number one way to establish trust with your audience. You should have a breadth of information about your client to share. Use this credible, positive coverage you have prepared to counter the negative stemming from the crisis. Building your client's credibility through great coverage before the scandal even hits will go a long way in keeping your client credible and authoritative, even during disaster scenarios. 

3.    Get ahead of the story. 

As the PR pro, you should be prepared for any crisis that might pop up before it happens. You know your client's story, and any potential situations that come along with it. When a crisis hits, get in front of the story immediately with the right messaging and you'll go a long way in advocating for your client. 

Hopefully, you'll never find yourself faced with a client crisis, but you should still be fully prepared to handle one. Being equipped to tackle whatever comes your way will only better prepare you to serve your client the best you possibly can on a daily basis.  

Making the #Personal #Political: Twitter as a Rhetorical Tool for Activist Campaigning

Within this study, I plan to investigate the #YesAllWomen campaign, a form of online activism that occurred on the social media platform Twitter.  This digital movement is an example of a specific facet of online activism.  Social media users employ a hashtag to campaign for a specific issue in an online forum.  Such “hashtag activism” first occurred in 2012, but has grown in recent years as a means of raising awareness on various issues and often to call individuals to action (Carr, 2012).  The women involved in this campaign focused their attention on calling out men for their involvement in everyday expressions of misogyny, thus making #YesAllWomen one of the first instances of digital feminism, or the expression of feminist sentiments in digital spaces. 

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Modern Advances in Social Penetration Theory: Influences on Intimate Self-Disclosures within Interpersonal Relationships

This research functions on the idea that self-disclosures are a crucial component of relational development, as explicated by the interpersonal communication perspective of social penetration.  As relationships progress, relational intimacy is increased.  By pinpointing various factors that influence dyad member’s mutual self-disclosures, this paper presents a comprehensive, yet admittedly somewhat limited, review of social penetration literature.  The research presented here reveals the influence of culture and ethnicity on self-disclosure rate, the role that perceived intimacy of topic plays on the likelihood of disclosure, and mode of communication on an individual’s willingness to disclose to a dyad member.  Ultimately, the review presented here reveals the effect of these influential factors on social penetration within interpersonal relationships, as well as a continued discrepancy in self-disclosure research as related to the depenetration process.

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My Teaching Philosophy

The position of graduate instructor is a unique one; we maintain the role of teacher, while also positioned as students.  We do have a level of authority over our students, but not as professors.  Everyone brings their own individuality and set of knowledge and skills to the position; I have developed my role in the classroom as that of a quasi ‘middleperson’ straddling these interwoven, yet at times contradictory, contexts, in service of my students’ learning and allowing them to develop their roles as thinkers. 

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#YESALLWOMEN: Reclaiming Power and Redefining Victimhood through Social Movement

In the fight against misogyny, rhetoric has predominantly become a tool for women.  Although scholars often debate the meaning of rhetoric, rhetorician Kenneth Burke defines rhetoric as “the use of words by human agents to form attitudes or induce actions in other human agents” (Foss 63).  In other words, rhetors use language to persuade an audience and express an exigence that must be solved.  The #YesAllWomen hashtag was a social movement that used Twitter as a platform for expressing instances of misogyny.

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Protesters Continue to Respond to Ferguson

FERGUSON, MO - From California to New York, on college campuses and in city squares, protesters throughout the nation have continued to demand justice for the shooting death of a teenager by a police officer in a Ferguson, MO.

On Aug 9., Darren Wilson, a white police officer, shot and killed Michael Brown, 18, an unarmed black teenager, in the St. Louis suburb. A grand jury announced on Nov. 24 that it had chosen not to indict Wilson for the crime. This decision sparked protest, including arson and destruction of property in Ferguson and St. Louis.

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Experiencing A New Kind of Community at the Rochester Folk Art Guild

MIDDLESEX, NY – Children chased after wandering dogs while adults perused craft workshops and tasted local beer at the East Hill Farm last weekend.

The Rochester Folk Art Guild held an open house on Oct 1 and 2 to showcase various crafts produced by artists and organic produce grown by farmers. Crafts for sale ranged from pottery pieces to scarves woven out of plant-dyed yarn.

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